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September 2018
New ESC guidelines for myocardial revascularization presented at ESC congress 2018, Munich, Germany
The updated ESC guidelines for myocardial revascularization were presented this year on the big ESC congress in Munich, Germany. In the first guidelines from 2010 the Translumina polymer-free Yukon DES product was already recommended for clinical use. In the 2014 ESC guidelines, Translumina managed to place two DES of its product portfolio, the polymer-free Yukon DES and with highest recommendation level the Yukon Choice PC with biodegradable polymer technology. In the latest 2018 ESC version again both products were recommended due to the Randomized Controlled Trials of the ISAR-TEST series of studies, now with additional long term clinical follow-up. For an extract of the full guidelines including the supplemental page of DES recommendations, click here, the full version of the guidelines can be downloaded for free on the ESC website
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