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November 2018
10 year Yukon Choice PC data presented at the AHA2018 congress in Chicago!
The very first 10 year data from the Yukon Choice PC were presented last week at AHA in Chicago by Dr.Kufner (Germany) and were published simultanously in highly ranked Circulation (link).
The randomized controlled trial ISAR-TEST 4 with long-term clinical follow-up of 10 years showed again superiority of the Translumina Yukon Choice PC compared to the first generation DES Cypher stent.
Additional sub-group comparison with the market leader and “permanent polymer” coated DES Xience V showed equivalence in terms of MACE rate, mortality and TLR rate and remarkably numerical lower values of definite/probable Stent Thrombosis after 10 years (1,8% vs. 2,5%) in favor of the Yukon Choice PC. This gives confidence in the use of Yukon Choice PC, being the first device of the 2nd generation DES with biodegradable polymer technology and 10 year long term clinical follow-up. The Yukon Choice PC was also the first kind of stent having an unique microporous stent surface for improved healing after release of drug and full bio-degradation of the polymer. Fur further information to the trial and the product please contact us directly at or check the paper in circulation.
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